Your Guide to Paper Weights for Flyers and Brochures

When you’re printing marketing materials the design and the content usually come first. It is only much later that you think about other considerations like the type of paper you want to use. But it is important to keep this in mind, and not forget about it, because the weight and the type of paper you choose will affect the overall success of your printed marketing materials. Here are some pointers for choosing the right paper for your leaflets and brochures.

Things to Consider About Your Paper

When looking at designing a brochure you need to think about how many pages you are going to have, and consequently how these pages are going to be stitched together. You also need to decide what kind of paper you will print on, for example one with a glossy finish or something with a matt finish – will you need a coating on the paper? Both of these different papers will give you different effects. And then you need to think about the weight of the paper for printing. You may think there isn’t much difference between the weights of different papers, and, besides, paper doesn’t weigh much anyway. Read on to find out more about paper weights for brochure printing, flyer printing and leaflet printing.

All about Different Paper Weights

A single sheet of paper may not weigh much, but put all those sheets of paper together and you get a lot. If you choose a heavier paper it may affect the cost of delivery for your materials. And it will probably affect the finish of the materials, too.

It is important to choose high quality paper whether you are flyer printing or brochure printing. The quality of the paper is often the first thing that people notice about the materials, and it could make either a positive or negative first impression. In general, the lighter the paper the lower the quality, and the more easily the paper will tear or become bent out of shape.

In addition, you need to think about whether you have a lot of copy or highly coloured images on the paper. Very bright colour and bold type will show through onto the other side of the page if you use lighter paper. You can get away from this problem, however, by using coatings for a lighter paper but you certainly need to choose the highest quality possible. Remember that you have spent a considerable amount of time and money on the design of your marketing materials so it would be a shame to waste this by choosing paper which lets the content down.

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