What is the Best Time to Hike the Camino?


One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to hiking the Camino is “When?”. What timewe should go off to make the best of the trip.Is it even possible to determine which time is objectively best?

It clearly depends on what ‘best’ means for you. You know your favorite color, film, dish, road that you like most and the time of the year that works best for you when it comes to travelling. Concerning external conditions, however, there are some tips that are worth taking into account when planning your Camino trip.


How are the various times of the year differentiated on the road to Camino? Let’s see:good or bad weather, presence vs. absence (and the number) of pilgrims, possible impassibility or clearance of the routes. These are the main factors to keep in mind when we are scheduling our journey. It all diverges through the year, so in order to fit in with his or her needs, one should choose his or herstop option before embarking.


Weather will be nice in September and October, but it can rain heavily as well. It’s a huge factor when tooling up every walking or cycling journey. It’s hard to decide whether to choose sunny time of the year or cooler climate that won’t tire a traveler so fast. The best thing to do before departure is to check out the weather average temperatures and rainfalls on-line and just decide on perfect time before departing. Some routes (for example sections of Galicia) will be probably too hot for the summer, whereas others, especially in the mountains, are not recommended for travels during winter months.They say that spring is beautiful  and warm but at the same time it isn’t too hot. The crops are growing in the massive wheat fields, the wind makes them wave like the sea, and the air is clear.Camino Ingles (Galicia) in autumn is beautiful as well, but a bit more melancholic, with acorns dropping all around you. Don’t forget to wear a hat!


Pilgrims are eager to enjoy travelling through Camino road especially from spring to autumn. But roads are crowded mostly during Summer months (July and August), as they are concurrent with holiday season in Spain and many other European countries. About 60 percent of all Camino pilgrims are on the route called a French Way. In order to avoid crowds though, follow Portuguese Way during summer months. But if what you are looking for is an empty route, trails such as the Via de la Plata or the new Camino de Invierno are perfect and crowd-free then.Crowds decrease greatly in September and October, be aware.


It is quite important to match with when you begin your trip and which route you decide to take. It’s better not to be surprised by the fact that your chosen way is closed or unmanageable.The most famous route, the French Way is executablethe majority of the year. Notice that some mountainous regions (like for example Pyrenees) may not be possible to cross during winter months. It’s nice to be challenged but not defeated by ice and snow at the beginning of your dreamed-of trip. Perfect option from May to September is The Portuguese Coastal Way, Fenisterre Way and Via de la Plata. Avoid hot summer months across Andalucia and Extremadura. The ‘Best time’ will depend on your choice and external conditions but mainly on what you are looking for on your Camino journey  and how you want to experience it.