Using Metal Prints to Give Your Office a Stellar Tasteful Appearance

Canvas photos and illustrations are quite common, but it is rare to see images superimposed on metal backgrounds. Metal art and photography can actually change the atmosphere in any business or office setting. Its elegant appearance and alluring nature adds a touch of class to any room. With a little creativity, you can transform a dull space into a vibrant office with a unique centerpiece.

Metal prints are available in a variety of sizes and tones, but the frames are generally square or rectangular. You can order a small 4×6 frame for a side-table or a massive 40×60 wall portrait. Some suppliers may even allow you to round off the corners if you prefer a soft contemporary look. To beautify the appearance of the metal, you can add a layer of gloss to the image — or you can stick with the modest matte look.

Some images may look extremely bright and natural against the metal surface. This will always happen if the superimposed image comes from a high-definition photo. Unfortunately, every photo will not turn out this well, especially if you choose to overlay a painting or illustration. If you’re worried about the portrait’s appearance, ask the pressperson to touch up the photo and brighten the colors for you. This will work in your favor when you design your office because the contrast will add warmth and flavor to the room.

For a trendy touch, you can turn your high-definition image into a rich black-and-white portrait. This look is well-suited for offices because it fuses the nostalgia from the past with contemporary styles. People enjoy portraits of actors and actresses from the 1940’s and 1950’s era. Anyone working in the entertainment industry could adorn their office with these extraordinary prints. Business owners in traditional settings may want to opt for a different type of black-and-white portrait. Neutral images of snowy mountains and autumn landscapes are more appropriate for conventional office environments.

When you’re ready to arrange your office, try to put these images in key areas to grab the attention of your visitors. If your desk faces the door, you can hang the portrait above your head for the greatest “wow” effect. To create an optical illusion, you can separate one large rectangular picture into 3 – 4 smaller square sections. You can also place rectangular images alongside any entranceways, window borders, or focal arrangements within the room.

The possibilities are endless with metal prints, and the final look of your room is only limited by your imagination. With a creative touch, you can impress any client or colleague who steps into your office.