Top Restaurants in Melrose Place & LA

The reason why more and more people are becoming foodie is that they are bored of regular breakfast, lunch & dinner food and are looking for a change. One has to be sincere that this change should not cause any harm to their health. Thus, in this case, it becomes important to choose such a place to eat who serves with utmost hygiene and quality. At last, what matter is the quality and taste both. Let us look at some places in Melrose & LA which serve delicious and health conscious cuisine.

Blu Jam Café

With a unique name, this place has a lot to offer when it comes to breakfast and brunch.  The most important thing about the café is that it is centrally located in the city connecting most areas.  The atmosphere of the area is charming and allows you to enjoy food to the utmost level. In short, we can say that is a good place for brunch.

Fig & Olive

Fig & Olive LA is one of the most popular restaurants and is mainly popular due to the large variety of food types available.  One of the most important attributes of the place is the customer is treated with royalty and care. The usage of different types of olive oils makes the dishes tastier, unique flavored and delicious. Mostly, people rate the environment to be very beautiful and great.


The Zinque is the place which gives the customer’s actual feel of being French.  It is a lovely restaurant, decorated in a stylish way to arouse the interest of people wanting to taste mouth-watering French delicacies. They also have a large outdoor patio.

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a place for people who are romantic in nature and loves peace and serenity.  It is a place with great ambiance.  People usually appreciate dimly lit dinner spot with light background music, perfect to enjoy food with your loved ones.  On top of that, it is a vegan restaurant, which most people opt for.

When thinking of visiting LA or Melrose place, then the above were restaurants which will not only make the trip memorable but built a strong connection with the culture of the place as well as the food. These restaurants are a must try if one is a foodie in nature. The experience of happiness increases when shared as food.