Top 6 Restaurants for Sizzlers in Delhi

Do you have cravings for the sizzle-in-the-air-burnt-aroma? Do you want to dig into some mouth-watering wholesome sizzlers somewhere in Delhi? Well, you have come to the right place! We have rounded up for you the top 6 restaurants in Delhi, where you can relish some lip-smacking and mouth-watering sizzlers!

  1. Gola Sizzlers

The ambience at Gola Sizzlers is enchanting and family friendly. You will be spoilt for choices here. You can choose just about anything from their mouth-watering sizzler menu. The sizzlers here are pleasing to the eyes and the stomach. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the sizzlers here are an absolute treat to your taste buds! It is recommended that you visit Gola Sizzlers with a bunch of friends so that you get to try as many dishes as possible at one go!

  1. YOLO 21 

This is a student and family-friendly restaurant that is popular for its impeccable food and quick and efficient service. The restaurant brags of a cool and fun environment. Its decor is pretty neat and vibrant. The sizzlers, which will are served here, are truly mind-blowing. The sizzlers are usually a mix of colorful veggies, buttery and soft mashed potatoes and some yummy rice. The tangy flavored sauces are the added bonus you will get. Munching down the delicious food from YOLO 21 will surely make your day!

  1. Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe

There is no point at guessing the interiors of this café. Staying true to its name, the café’s decor will take you to a cozy little hill café. Right from its charming ambiance to its enchanting food, this place will give you all the right vibes. The menu hosts a wide variety of sizzlers coupled with some delicious sauces. What is great about this place is that the food portions are of the correct size! It has just the perfect amount of veggies, garlic bread, fries, mashed potatoes, meat and rice. You will certainly leave with a happy stomach and satisfied soul.

  1. Hauz Khas Social 

A meal at Social at Hauz Khas Village can never go wrong. The ambience of this place is welcoming and warm. You might not find a large section for sizzlers, but out of the few options the menu offers, the sizzlers here are the best! There is no second thought over that. Your sizzler will be served to you in an arrow-shaped stone dish filled with all the stuff you would enjoy in a sizzler. This meal will add the perfect finishing touch to the experience at Hauz Khas Village.

  1. Yum Yum Cha

Yum Yum is what it is. This restaurant flaunts an ultra cool Asian décor. The sizzlers offered here are a cut above the rest. You get to choose from sizzling noodles to sizzling sticky rice for your sizzlers. Everything here has an impeccable taste. If you are skilled with your chopstick, this Asian restaurant will let you enjoy your meal with that as well. A yummy meal is what you are promised and that is what you get here!

  1. The University Bistro

University Bistro is literally every youngster’s go-to place if they have to shell out a treat! This place was designed to specifically satisfy hungry students. The decor is colorful and funky. They have walls dedicated just for music, quotes, sports and customer feedback. They have taken their agenda of feeding hungry students quite seriously. Just take a look at their food portions. They are wholesome packed with green veggies. Their sizzlers are great with very generous servings of veggies, meat and rice/noodles! The food here is not just delicious, but it’s pretty affordable as well.