Tips for Rent House In Mumbai

If you want to Rent a house in Mumbai and you are not getting any tenant then the best way to find a tenant is by using social media online sites. Here you can publish every detail of your flat. You can also lay down the terms and condition you like and further can ask for negotiation as well. A Person who is going to avail this offer needs to be aware of all the terms and conditions mentioned by the owner.

There is one more important thing which a tenant might look at while looking for a Rent house in Mumbai, which is the amount of HRA (House Rent allowance) they get as a part of their monthly salary. If you don’t have an HRA as part of your salary, you need to discuss with the finance department of your office and make sure to allocate a decent chunk of your salary into the HRA Bucket. If you are staying at your family house and paying the rent for it as well you may still ask for HRA. There is no law which can deny that  right from you. If you insist on going this route, you need to understand that when your tax returns get audited in  the future, you would have to answer the tax officials on why you claimed as if you are paying rent to your own parents plus prove that you actually paid rent.

The real estate agents have recently mentioned in a report that people in Mumbai prefer Rent House instead of buying a house. It becomes more convenient for them. As the investment is low and affordable hence people like to take a house on rent. If you want a house on rent there is no involvement of the developer. There is no cost for development because the house rent is already a developed property. In some areas the renting, hiring, lease, agreement, etc. may be used as different words as per their local understanding methods, whatever the system, it may be temporary.

There is another system which must be taken into consideration as there are a few places which offer no rent, no interest for the advance payment, for example the tenant pays Rs.5,00,000/- as an advance to the property owner, for this no charge or rent for the said property. This type of system is very rare, but  you can certainly find such places. This type of system is generally for the people who can pay this amount of cash in one go. It has sometimes become difficult for a middle class society to dish out such a huge sum of money in one go hence people like to pay monthly rent.

Both the parties must use social networking sites to get constant knowledge about the houses for rent. The owner can publish his house details and if the tenant feels comfortable with those details he may personally meet the owner himself. The tenant must be well prepared for negotiation and try to bring down the rate of rent.

To find or to give the Rent Houses in Mumbai it is very important to know the need of the person who wants to take the house and must not ignore the demands of the owner. It is a difficult task to find a tenant who would abide by the terms and conditions set out by the owner, but it is not a job which cannot be done. The owner must be efficient enough to understand the wants of tenant and adjust accordingly. Similarly, even tenant should make an effort to adjust to the demand of the owner. If you have a cordial bond with the owner then most issues will be solved easily.