The Importance Of Clean Linen In The Hospitality Industry.

We all use linens at some point, but some businesses use them on a daily and weekly basis and their turnover of linens is very high. Such examples would be guesthouses and hotels who just don’t have the time or the utilities to do their own linen. Other businesses that have staff uniforms, also use this service and it has become vital that linens and uniforms are clean, in this increasingly growing need for proper hygiene everywhere. Bed and breakfast guesthouses have a host of linens, they need to wash, like bed linens, tablecloths and waiter and waitress uniforms or housekeeping uniforms. Similarly, hotels,  go through an immense number of table clothes a day because of functions and weddings.

Clean Linen Is Important.

Linens are not just there to put on the bed or table, but they are also an important part of the interior decoration of any establishment. They allow users of your premises to feel comfortable with the notion, that what they are sleeping or eating on, is hygienic and safe to use. A nursing home for example, would go through a large amount of linens everyday and it is important that the people staying there, don’t feel uncomfortable and new bed linen is replaced almost immediately. Stalbridge Linen offers a service second to none, regarding the hiring and cleaning of linen and they don’t tie you into contracts, believing that their work speaks for itself.

Save Time And Money.

If you are a smaller bed and breakfast  or guesthouse business, you realise the importance of comfort and cleanliness, but you don’t have the facilities to make sure that your linens are whiter than white, and if it does get busy during peak season, you can hire the necessary bed linen and table cloths that you need. Having a linen and laundry service that helps your business to run more smoothly is paramount in todays competitive business world. If you had to everything in-house by yourself or by staff, there would be no time to take care of customers, or you would have to hire additional staff which cuts further into your profit margins.

Be More Productive.

It isn’t just the washing of linens that has to take place, there is the bleaching of stubborn stains, folding and sorting, drying and packing them away for next time. This process requires great amounts of wash powder, detergents and water to do and your bills would just keep going up and up. It isn’t just a once off either. These are things that have to be done on a daily basis as customers come and go regularly.  If you outsource this type of work to companies like Stalbridge linen, then you and your staff can spend their time being productive with customers and making money.

Getting your linen done by an outside company is the financially sensible decision and remember, these companies have the right machines and detergents for the job. You should seriously look at outsourcing your linen requirements today, and concentrate your efforts on something more beneficial to your business.