The Best and Certainly the Only Way to Really Visit and See Spain up Close!

Increasingly popular hiking tours are an offbeat kind of adventure holiday tourism and not really for most good folk. In many cases, these types of holiday focus mostly on hiking from one location to another.

There may be some time spent utilising vehicles to get out to specific hiking area, although that will depend on the overall schedule and tour type.

  • These great hiking tours may be undertaken on a group basis, or by someone going the solo route.
  • Some people like to have a guide handy, whilst others like to do it alone.

Long or Short Distance

Some people enjoy going out into the wilderness and hike long distances, from A to B.

An example would be to go on Spanish walking holidays, and travel along the section of the Catalonia and Languedoc Coastline, from one small town to the next, where accommodation has already been organised to stay overnight, and then travel on to the next place the following day. There are so many choices!

Guide or Guideless?

When there’s a guide around, it can make hiking feel somewhat safer. Saying that, there are some hikers who like to tour alone minus any guide, maybe due to fees, or because having a guide around takes some of the danger and mystery out of the trip.

  • However, in some cases, guides are thought of as a better choice for hikers with little to no experience, whilst unguided tours are wished for more by the seasoned or semi-seasoned hiking veterans.


Along with the obvious benefit of seeing a foreign country really up and close and away from the hordes of package holiday tourists, hiking is a superb way of getting in some exercise.

  • Also, a hiking tour is relatively a cheaper type of holiday, due to be less time spent on cash draining activities, like shopping!

Hiking works out even more cost friendly if you decide to go on an unguided tour and also camp out. (Rather than use hotels/guest houses).

Fitness Matters            

Walking can for some good folk be somewhat trying on their body, and if you are relatively new to walking long distances, you might yet be ready to handle things such as steep climbs or other difficulties.

Consult with the tour operator and tell them what type of walk you would like to experience. You may also wish to ask your doctor to see if walking is safe for you. (Most doctors will give the thumbs up, as walking is a superb form of exercise!)

  • You may wish to get a little practice in by walking for a week or two prior to going.

Walking Kit

To be on the safe side you will need the likes of:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Plastic raincoat
  • Sturdy backpack
  • Swiss army knife

How much gear you need will depend on the type of hiking tour you will go on. Enjoy!