Steakhouse Restaurant: A Delight for Customers

All of us are aware of restaurants as places to order food. There are many specialized restaurants coming up. They specialize in a particular type of food or food from a particular country or on a particular way of cooking. The most latest are the steak house restaurants which are a delight for food lovers especially meat lovers. Visit to find the best steak restaurants in your area.

What is a steakhouse restaurant?

A steakhouse restaurant is a place which specializes in serving a selection of meat which are steaks and chops. They majorly cook beef meat but now have started to serve other varities of meat including sea food. And these are called as surf and turf houses. What fascinates is that each steak house has its own method of cooking where the steak chefs use different methods of grilling and broiling. They even use methods like stir fry, pan-sear. But the authentic steak house is all about serving steaks from Black Angus Beef which has different definitions in different countries. In US, it takes a lot of tests for the steak to be called an Angus beef steak. Whereas in Japan, steak meat is taken only from those cows and bulls that are born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture region of Japan and should be virgin too. Surprising!! Isn’t it!  But there’s no wonder that this is the reason for Kobe beef from Japan is the most costly steak!

What to order at Steak house restaurants?

Meat at Steak house means, tasty, tender and juicy! Below are a few popular steaks ordered and loved by people. Find the best steakhouse here 

  1. Rib-eye Steak: The general order will be a rib-eye which is a boneless cut of meat and they are cooked very fast either by grilling or broiling them. It is more of fat, flavorsome and very juicy. When the rib-eye is roasted, it is called Prime Rib.
  2. New York Streak: Unlike the rib-eye streak, it is less fatty but as tender and flavorsome as rib-eyed streak, though it has its own buttery and soft flavor.
  3. Tenderloin Filet or Filet Mignon: It is the most tender streak and has very less fat. Hence, it may not be as juicy as other two we have discussed. But is a good option for those who love meat and have an eye on the calorie intake.
  4. T-Bone Steak: Like the name says, it is a steak made of two types of steaks. T-bone steak is a steak made with New York Streak and Tenderloin fillet and is separated with a T-shaped bone. So, you get to try 2 different steaks in one and can quit choosing one!
  5. Porterhouse steak: It is a bigger version of T-Bone steak as it is cut from further up of a loin section which is not less than 20 ounces. It is good if you have a few friends with you and can taste both New York Streak and Tenderloin fillet in one!