Small Business Tips for Online Success

Every small business owner knows that if they want to succeed in today’s digital-based world, they need to make sure they have a strong presence online. Just having a website is not enough these days, if you want to make the grade you need to make sure it is a well-designed website that will lead casual visitors to your sales pages.

How to get those visitors there can be a major learning curve for many small business owners. For shops that have fewer than five employees, not unusual in today’s digital world, that might mean finding someone in your employ who is digitally savvy and willing to do the work to get those visitors there. Here are a few tips to help your web master get those visitors to be more than just a casual browser but actually end up at the point of sale online that every business needs.

Marketing with Social Media

If you read any of the blogs that proliferate the web these days, then you have probably heard how more and more of our shoppers are coming from social media sites instead of directly to our websites these days. The arrival of mobile devices and the popularity of social media on these mobile devices makes shopping a simple click away if you know how.

Social media sites like Facebook have become the new shopping experience as more and more shoppers turn to their favorite social media sites to look for the latest fashions, coolest clothes and most entertaining video games. Advertising on these sites is well within most small business budgets and marketing through them with links to your site is a must today.

Emails and Newsletters

While it is true that social media is everyone’s darling when it comes to promoting your business, don’t forget to include email marketing in the mix when making those marketing plans. Even with the proliferation of social media sites today, email marketing remains the most inexpensive marketing tool and one that gives more bang for your buck.

Newsletters that inform as well as sell are a big favorite for many marketing experts who use email marketing as a tool for reaching both new and current customers. Remember that the rule of thumb with all newsletter marketing is to make over half of the newsletter informative with tidbits and news that your customers can use and will appreciate. Keep the sales news to a minimum and never push the sales aspects of your newsletter.

Local Connections

Finally, don’t walk away from those non-digital opportunities to promote your business on a local level. Getting involved with local non-profits, especially if they are highly visible in your community, can help raise awareness for you. It also gives what marketers call the “golden glow” or halo effect, because your involvement will give a positive shine to your business for locals who may not have heard of you.

All of these ideas are best if used in concert with each other. That special sale you are planning to offer can be promoted on Facebook, talked about in your newsletter, blogged about in your blog and even tied in to a local event. Think beyond the one sale to what you think your customers want from you in the long run, and then deliver it with enough fanfare to let them know.