Relax: Book Your Rugby World Cup Experience as a Package

Rugby, a game similar to football that gets its name from the school where it was developed (in Rugby, Warwickshire), has millions of very enthusiastic fans. Billions of people around the world know about football, whether it’s the U.S. version that goes by the same name or soccer, which is properly called football outside of the U.S. Rugby probably hasn’t reached the level of popularity of those other forms of the game but don’t be misled.

In its current form, Rugby dates back to about 1830 and the school mentioned earlier. Over the next two centuries, this rough and rugged, fast-paced game developed into a major sports spectacle, especially in the form of the World Cup. This gathering of the best teams was first held in 1987 and is scheduled every four years. The cup event, organised by World Rugby, is played in union format, featuring the top 20 teams on the planet. New Zealand, the current world champion, won in England in 2015.

Many rugby fans will be travelling to the world-class tournament called the World Cup in 2019 and will attend matches in one of several stadiums located around Japan. Site cities include Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, Kumagaya, and others. Thousands of fans from around the globe will be travelling to one or more of these sites if they have the funds, the time, and, of course, the tickets.

Best Option

As with most major sporting events, music concerts, and other gatherings, your best option might be to make your arrangements for this exciting event by booking the experience as a package. Fortunately, there are companies who offer Rugby World Cup 2019 tour packages, which means that you’ll be covering many of the challenges that come up when you want to see a number of matches. When you book a package, you’ll have travel arrangements in place, giving you dependable accommodations for each site. In fact, the leading tour providers will work with you to assemble a package that meets your specific requirements.

If you’ve handed the details and the stress of making arrangements for getting to Japan and travelling to the various rugby venues, you’ve taken care of some of the important things. But you should also prepare carefully for international travel by making sure that you are healthy and have the proper insurance cover in place.

Passport, Money

Start preparing well ahead of time to have your passport up to date and to make sure that you have the funds to make your travel smooth and trouble-free. This should include understanding currency conversion rates and ensuring that your credit card will work in Japan. It helps to notify your bank or credit card company about your travel plans so this company doesn’t think that fraud is being committed.

When you’ve booked your World Cup experience as a package, you’ll have most of your time accounted for. But you might also want to learn more about the events and attractions available if you want to fill some of your free time. You should also be aware of the requirements for using electronic devices and phones. You may receive helpful information from your tour provider that will help in this area.