Private Tours To Indulge Yourself With The Beauty of St. Petersburg

The Second biggest city in Russia, Saint Petersburg is a prime port city on the Baltic Sea. UNESCO’s World Heritage list cites St Petersburg as a region with 36 historical architectural complexes and about 4000 individual monuments of history and architecture and culture with over 220 museums, about 2000 libraries, over 60 cinemas, about100 concert organizations and many more. One will never be far away from water in the city located on the Neva River, which is said to have about 340 bridges within. Italianate mansions, elegant canals, neoclassic palaces and majestic plazas adorned with baroque often offer a lot of similarities for a tourist to draw comparisons with Venice. It has an unrivaled possession of rich art and culture. Russian Museum, Erarta Museum, Marrinsky Theatre and Shostakovich Philharmonia offer whole lots of cultural nourishment in the city. The other major attractions in the city include State Hermitage Museum, Grand Palace, Kunstkamera, Yusupov Palace, Catherine Park, Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St Isaac’s Cathedral and others. To experience the rich colors, vivid history and the hedonistic atmosphere of the city, one can opt for private tours St Petersburg Russia.

The city seems to be largely frozen in time and is definitely the imperial capital in the country. Often referred to as the cultural and artistic powerhouse of Russia, St. Petersburg dazzles and delights the visitor in every aspect. Even though it has undergone modernization, the sheer grandeur of the city never fails to amaze a traveler. There is so much to see and experience that one can get overwhelmed by the city.

The city found by Tsar Peter the Great has been finely tuned by his successors has resulted in the inception of the beautiful city with fabulous architectural structures, canals, bridges and cathedrals. Popularly known as ‘Venice of  the North’ St. Petersburg is astonishingly beautiful with important attractions and sights spread across the city. It is not easy to access all the places on foot and thus, it is important to choose private tours St. Petersburg Russia. These private tours offer great convenience to make cherishable memories during the stay.  With primary focus on comfort and quality, the private tours in the city offer the best experience of the splendid architectural and cultural heritage of St. Petersburg. With private tours one can enjoy the advantages of-

  • A personal car, driver and also a guide
  • Flexibility in customization of the tour

May it be for a family tour or for couples, these tours can be customized based on personal needs. An ideal tour can be created by covering all the attractions one wished to see, that too within a short travel duration.  Private guides are also available in these tours, who help to explore the city in depth to discover the hidden gems of this glorious city. Thus, a private tour to St. Petersburg makes the experience more pleasant and fascinating.