Phentermine and alcohol – A Complete knowhow

Most of the people around the globe are addicted to alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption leads to several side effects when user is under medication. Phentermine which is a drug has same effects as alcohol and is quite dangerous. Phentermine is widely used by fitness enthusiasts, body builders and athletes to lose weight. Phentermine is classified as IV scheduled drug since when the drug is abused leads to addiction.

Phentermine is available with brand name Adipex, which is used for weight loss mainly by obese people. Phentermine is actually a stimulant that reduces constant hunger pangs by making users to consume less food. In common, supplements of phentermine are used to lose weight but positive results are attained when followed by strict diet and exercise regimen. Phentermine supplements also reduce diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol which are responsible for fat accumulation in the body.

Phentermine supplements have to be consumed as directed by physician and prolonged usage cause serious side effects. Phentermine supplements are highly in demand and many manufacturers with various names like Adipex, Adipex P, and Suprenza and so on. Recent studies have proven that phentermine does not act as controlled substance since there are no withdrawal symptoms. However, the drug should be consumed for short periods to avoid serious side effects. Visit to know more.

Reviews of Phentermine and alcohol

  • People suffering from health ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol benefit by using the drug.
  • When used beyond moderation, phentermine cause side effects which are mild and reduces within few days.
  • Certain manufacturing brands advice phentermine supplements should be consumed empty stomach but few brands does not come with any restrictions and it depends on user to consume any time during day.
  • However, it is not advisable to touch phentermine supplements with wet hands.
  • When supplements are used for longer duration cause insomnia and sleep deprivations.
  • Phentermine supplements reduce frequent hunger pangs thus resulting in weight loss.
  • Users are not advised to increase dosage of phentermine on own without consulting doctor to avoid side effects which are difficult to cure.
  • Phentermine supplements come with withdrawal symptoms and users should consult doctor before deciding to stop.
  • Phentermine acts as appetite suppressant thus making user to consume less food which leads to weight loss.
  • Individuals with previously had heart complications should avoid Phentermine supplements, since it causes further blockage in arteries.
  • People under treatment to control high blood pressure, hyperactive thyroid and hypertension should consult doctor before using Phentermine supplements.
  • Supplements of Phentermine are not advisable for users less than sixteen years of age to avoid health complications.
  • As phentermine, alcohol affects nervous system and cardiovascular system.
  • When alcohol is consumed along with phentermine supplements cause serious side effects which are difficult to treat.
  • Alcohol consumption causes various illnesses to body and even damages brain when user consumes more than limit.
  • People who consume high amount of alcohol often experience impaired memory, blurred vision and very slow motor capability skills.