Making the Most of Your Work Meetings

It is an unfortunate fact of life that work meetings are a bore and a chore. They inevitably drain all our energy and enthusiasm for the working day and tend to push people to acts of insubordination due to the pressures that burden them. Nothing is worse than a dull meeting about the latest sales figures. However, it is entirely possible that meetings can be made more enticing and also more enjoyable.

Is Food Really The Answer To Your Work Woes?

You should consider the following fact: unhappy workers are poor workers. They are unproductive, uninterested, and generally troublesome. The key to better workers, therefore, is to keep people happy. Of course, this fact is nothing new to most businesses.

Offices all around the world have experimented with all sorts of programs with varying degrees of success. Consider the following work programs to try and improve the level of happiness in the workplace:

  • Casual clothes day
  • Bring your dog/cat to work day

Business activities and programs may work for a while, but it is unlikely that they will capture the attention of all employees. Therefore, you should implement something that is suitable and enjoyable for everyone. In fact, good food will probably satisfy all your employees.

You all eat, and most of you bring your lunch to work. However, when was the last time you had a really good and nutritious meal at work? When was the last time you had a team meeting catered? Instead of attending a boring meeting, seeing the same old faces, and hearing the same old grumbling, how about you have each meeting catered by local food specialists?

Something Different At the Meeting Table

If “bring your cat to work day” does not really excite people, a platter containing sweets such as lemongrass panna cotta, red velvet slice, and mango lime sticky rice rolls will peak everyone’s  interest! It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Though this is true, it is probably fairer to say that the way to everyone’s heart is through good and nutritious food. Imagine each individual’s excitement when he or she walks into a business meeting and finds great looking and great tasting food waiting at the table.

A fully catered lunch meeting is a great way to start proceedings and help employees focus on something good and positive. By focussing their attention on good food, and feeding them, you place them in a position where their appetite is satisfied. When employees feel satisfied and cared for in the workplace, they become more productive, make better contributions in meetings, and generally feel more content.

Many local businesses provide lunch delivery in Dubai as well as catering. Whether you require a fully catered lunch meeting, nutritious food for morning tea at work, or just want to provide your employees with an energy and productivity boost to get through the day, why not consider doing something different through food delivery?