LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz broker – what to look for in this broker?

We have mentioned more than once that any brokerage company should be chosen not only on the basis of a beautiful official page, or a beautiful and tempting offer of high profits. This is certainly an important factor, but still not enough to immediately replenish the deposit from the first broker that comes across. Not a broker makes a profit to a trader. And today we will talk about the brokerage company Larson&Holz, which, like all other brokerage companies, works in the field of trading, and providing brokerage services to its customers.

To begin with, the company provides a platform for full trading in the leading financial markets. Starting with the Forex market, and ending with commodity platforms. In addition, the company expanded the list of trading instruments. In the beginning, only exchange rates were presented. Naturally, traders traded only for the difference of one or another currency exchange rate, not having it in reality. As the company progressed, shares of world companies and financial centers were gradually connected. Trade was also conducted only for the difference. Well, at the height of popularity, stock indices were connected, and commodity-raw contracts. But, apparently, the company Larson&Holz listened to the opinion of its customers, most of whom prefer to work with hedging tools. As a result, traders received a full set of financial assets for every taste.

In addition to connecting an additional set of tools, Larson&Holz introduced training courses for beginning traders. This, in fact, is a standard service. But it’s one thing to tell your customers about the advantages and disadvantages of financial markets, and another thing is to show the dynamics of the market in practice. And the third thing is to collect novice traders in the partner center and provide a professional trader who in practice will show how to open and close orders and what these decisions are based on. Larson&Holz provided all three types of training. And what is characteristic, as much as possible simplified navigation on training courses. And indeed, the work is done tremendously. Video courses are divided into separate stages of the trade. Starting with a video course on the general concepts of markets in general, and ending with lessons on financial instruments. It’s not even interesting. The official website of the company has a description of indicators and trading systems. Detailed description to them, and the possibility of running in the trading terminal. Thanks to the network of partner centers, training is now conducted not only remotely, but also locally. That is, the client can be trained in the nearest partner center. This is certainly convenient. At least that is not necessary to go to the head center.

The company Larson&Holz has tried to choose an individual package of services for each trader. Traders are provided with many options and types of trading accounts. To potential investors, the company selects specialists according to investment objectives. Information for those who are not familiar with a service of this kind. An investor applies to a company where he is provided with a specialized consultant. The investor tells about the desired direction of investment. The consultant evaluates the information, and the company allocates an expert to the investor. In principle, this is not surprising, since Larson&Holz has assembled its own database of professionals.

Most striking is the company’s partner program. Thanks to the unique partnership program, many partners managed to open partner centers, with their own branches. This is a clear progress, as no broker can boast of such a volume of work. By the way, there are legends about the partner program from Larson&Holz. Indeed, the company helps everyone who wants to open their CALL-center, or dilling office. Plus, the partner center opens and operates under the jurisdiction of the company. This is a huge advantage, as the partner does not have to go to the authorities. And them, believe me, a lot. Now the company takes care of all the worries. From the partner only the premise, and the plan of work of the future center is required. All costs associated with the opening of the partner center, the company takes on. Promotion of the partner center, completely falls on the shoulders of the company. But if the partner wants to quickly promote the partner center, he can connect to the single registry of Larson&Holz, and move along with other affiliates. But in this case, investments are needed. But these investments will quickly pay off due to the maximum influx of new customers. Well, the promotion of the partner center in an age of advanced technology, this is a fast business. Starting with contextual advertising, and ending with information advertising in the media.

Well and as to trade. The company lh-crypto has tried to make trading convenient and simple. First of all, for those who begin their journey in the world of trading. In this direction the company has made a breakthrough. After all, how not to twist, but if the broker interacts with the client, they will both profit. For new customers, services have been developed that are not found in other brokers. And plus to this, customers were provided with modern software. In addition, customers of Larson&Holz can use modern technologies to reduce spread ranges and manage liquidity. This increases the chances of making a big profit.