Keep Your Restaurant Looking Classy with Linen Services

There are more than a few reasons to use linen tablecloths and napkins in your restaurant. Some of these you may already know, but there are more that you may not have considered. Cloth table linens make a powerful statement about the quality of your restaurant and they represent a serious aspect of your décor. Great linen has the power to set the mood of your restaurant, regardless of whether it happens to be a formal, casual, or romantic setting.

Your linens set the expectations of your clients to a certain level and they promise that you will deliver on those expectations. When a client walks into a restaurant for the first time, they begin their experience long before they receive their food. As they are greeted by your host and brought to their table, they look around and form an initial opinion based on the look and feel of your restaurant. Table linens help you appear classier and more refined while simultaneously setting the bar for your guests’ continued experience.

Clean, beautiful linen can increase the comfort of your guests by reducing background noise, improving sanitary conditions, and controlling spills. If clients sit down at a restaurant only to find the remnants of the previous customer’s meal, they will leave less likely to return. Linens not only support a more sanitary experience but also show your clients that you care about their experience, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.

Linen Hire

Table linens increase the ambiance of your restaurant, and this is a big reason most restaurants use them. To keep up with the demand for great linen, reputable companies established linen hire relationships decades ago, and now the service is both cost-effective and extremely efficient. With little more than a call or some online search, you can find great companies capable of keeping your linens spotless and white at all times.

These amazing companies, such as Johnsons Stalbridge Linen, allow you to send your linen to someone else for cleaning and treatment. After all, you have a restaurant to manage, and you cannot run the kitchen, manage the floor, and also find the time and facilities to wash your own linens. The right companies will do all of the difficult work for you and return your linen in no time at all. Your only job is to place them on the tables and decide how you want them to appear.


Once you have your linen services hired and ready to go, you can focus on the aspects of your restaurant that are more pressing, such as the food or employee scheduling. Great linens will set your clients up to expect a delicious meal. Add to this the expectations of fresh ingredients and beautiful plating, and you have a foolproof recipe for a brilliant experience.

Simply Elegant

Consider the last time you sat down in a restaurant and enjoyed a spectacular meal. The tables likely had linen pristine tablecloths and napkins, and these elements only added to the positive experience. Recent studies found that clients who visited a restaurant with clean, attractive linens were 75-percent more likely to think the food would be amazing before it even arrived. These studies found a link between an attractive table and a positive restaurant experience.

This was due in large part to the fact that linens made the restaurant appear classier, more professional, and cleaner overall. Consider the difference that a white, straight smile makes to the appearance of a person. When a person smiles with confidence and dresses well, they appear more successful, attractive, and approachable. This is due to society’s association of good looks with power and success. The same trick will work on your clients in a restaurant setting.

Reduce Background Noise

It might sound surprising and even a bit farfetched that clean linens reduce background noise, but it is true. Cloth table linens absorb noise, reducing the overall noise level of a restaurant by as much as 20-percent. If you leave your tables uncovered, they will actually amplify noise by bouncing it back at your clients. If you have a desire to create a comfortable restaurant with more private seating, cloth linens will help you achieve this goal.

Many clients, save perhaps those with multiple young children, will not stay in a restaurant they find to be too noisy. This is especially true of older clients who are simply out to enjoy a quiet meal together. No matter your age, a quieter restaurant is more relaxing, as it allows you to enjoy your meal in relative peace if you do not feel privy to every other table’s conversations.

Better Sanitation

When you simply look at a bare table in a restaurant, you might believe at first that it is clean. This is rarely the case though, as bare tables tend to collect debris and bacteria in the imperceptible natural cracks and dips found in the wood. Bare tables can quickly become a breeding ground for harmful, microscopic bacteria. The best and most cost-effective solution is to use table linens.

Table linens significantly reduce the amount of bacteria with which clients come in contact. When a client and their group is done with their meal, the linens are completely replaced with new, clean cloth. This change is enough to make a drastic effect on the sanitation of the tables. With fresh tablecloths for each table, no one will ever need to worry about sharing what the previous client left behind. Replacing the linens between clients will keep your restaurant clean and beautiful.

Spill Absorbent

Consider the mess that comes about if a client were to spill a glass of red wine on a table without linens. A spill without something to soak it up will quickly spread and create a larger mess. The client’s lap, the table, and the floor quickly get covered in wet, staining liquid. A tablecloth will stop this spill long before such a mess can occur.

This absorbing effect will minimise the mess and reduce the chance of a client’s clothing, and subsequently their night, getting ruined by a spill. A great linen service will easily make your linens beautiful and white again, and you will not have to worry about disgruntled clients. If you are somehow still hesitant, try a linen hire for a month. After you see the amazing difference, you will continue to use these services for as long as you are in business.