It’s Time for Takeaway

Whether it is a busy weekday night with the family or a quiet Sunday afternoon, so many Brits make Chinese takeaway a regular weekly meal. There is something about the foreign flavours and interesting ingredients that draw people to this popular Asian cuisine. As more people are discovering a love of Asian food, the question is why are more Brits than ever ordering Chinese takeaway.

Convenience Is Key

For most people the best reason to order Chinese takeaway is the convenience. Chinese food can be prepared very quickly. While the flavours have a lot of depth and different combinations, many dishes are prepared in a wok or steamed. Both are cooking methods that take little time. Therefore, the time it takes to place an order, have it picked-up, and plate the food at home can be as little as 15 minutes.

In comparison to the time that is required at the shop, preparing a meal, and serving it, Chinese food is an incredibly quick option. Many people who live alone or are preparing food for one, find that coming up with an entire meal is more trouble than it is worth. As the hours Brits spend at work and school increase, the value of a fast meal is also rising. Many people simply do not have the time to prepare a home cooked meal each night.

Lower Cost Option

Choosing carry out is frequently cheaper than eating at a traditional, sit down restaurant. There is no surcharge for dinning in the restaurant or need to tip a wait staff. Restaurants that offer takeaway are usually a lower price point than those with table service. As well, an individual that does not have time to cook likely does not have the time for restaurant service and fanfare.


While meals prepared at home are always the cheapest option, ordering take away can result in considerable cost savings compared to dining out. This makes Chinese takeaways in Bristol a better option for families and students who want to save their hard earned money for holidays, fun with friends, and accommodation costs.

Delicious Food

Not only is Chinese takeaway convenient and cost effective for families and singles, it is also a fabulous cuisine to try. There is a huge diversity in the flavours and ingredients used in Chinese food and the dishes range from mild to extremely spicy. This means it is possible to try different dishes, meal after meal, and not exhaust the various foods on the menu. It is also easy to order takeaway more than once a week and have a very different meal on each occasion.

There are some dishes, such as spring rolls and pork dumplings, that are filling, but not as healthy. However, as with other types of cuisines, these foods are balanced by various dishes filled with vegetables. Many of these vegetables are not found in traditional British dishes, such as bok choy and snow peas, and Chinese food is a great way to explore new healthy options. Perhaps, on the nights not ordering takeaway, some of these vegetables, spices, and combinations will find their way onto your plate anyway.