Is It Now Time to Use a Digital Receptionist for your Business?

A front office will not be complete without a receptionist. Well, that may be true in the past, but it is no longer necessary these days. With the rise of new techs such as an iPad receptionist from, you can opt to go digital. This replaces a human frontline office attendant. That being said, the rest of this post will quickly tackle some of the indications that now is the right time for your office to embrace a digital receptionist.

When You Like to Save Money

One of the best ways to save money in the office is to let go of the traditional receptionist. You may no longer need an actual employee to oversee the visitors who are coming in. Instead, you need to use a digital receptionist. The cost is significantly lower, allowing the business to save a lot of money in the long run. Despite being economical, you can be confident that its functions will not be compromised.

When the Line is Getting Long 

Ever walked into the front office and noticed that the line gets longer each time? This is another indication that a digital receptionist is long overdue. The process can be seamless. From the process of signing in to the issuance of visitor badges, digital receptionists like Greetly can be a big help. It automates the process of receiving visitors making it quicker and deleting human interaction.

When Visitors are Complaining

A good way to improve operations is to gather feedback from the visitors in the office. If most of the complaints deal with having an unsatisfactory front desk experience, this can also be an indication that you already need to use a digital receptionist. This will offer a satisfactory experience as the process will be generally quicker.

When Employees Don’t Feel Secure

If the employees are raising their concerns about the apparent lack of security in the workplace, a digital receptionist will also be able to extend a helping hand. It captures visitor’s data, including photo and signature. This makes it possible to have a log of people who enter the office and will also make it easy to block those who are perceived as threats.

When you Want to Become More Productive

Do you want to be more productive in the office? If yes, then you have another reason to use a digital receptionist. It encourages productivity through automation. It makes it possible to do more within a short span of time, and more importantly, without the need to spend too much. Manual tasks can be eliminated and technology can be utilized to make the workplace more productive, while also promoting office security and visitor experience.

Now is the right time to use a digital receptionist. Truth be told, you do not need to be provided a long list of reasons. In a nutshell, its benefits can be summed up as providing a satisfactory experience to visitors in the office, making it a must-have technology!