Here’s an Exciting New Holiday Idea for You!

Most people love to save their money all year so that they can go on well-deserved holidays. The trouble is that for many people going on holiday means going to the same old places. This might be the easy and comfortable way to spend your holiday time, but ultimately it becomes so routine that it gets boring. In the end you don’t feel like you’ve had much of a relaxing break at all!

If you’re sick and tired of holidaying in the same old places, seeing the same scenery, and not feeling well-rested at the end of it all, perhaps it’s time for a new kind of holiday experience? As easy as it is to do what you do every year, have you ever considered booking one of the exciting new cycling holidays that have become very popular in recent years?

What Is a Cycling Holiday?

As the name suggests, a cycle holiday allows you to see a part of the world at your own pace whilst bicycling. Even if you’re not a fitness freak or an amateur athlete, you can still enjoy the ride around a place such as Provence in France or even one of the former Eastern Bloc countries. Just imagine the wondrous history you’ll see!

Not convinced? Why not consider some of the following benefits?

  • Fitness: Not everyone is into keeping super fit, but for those who do enjoy exercise and cycling, a cycling holiday that takes in exotic sights and allows them to build up endurance and fitness must sound like a dream come true.
  • For fun: Even if you’re not a fitness freak, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy a cycling holiday. In fact, you can opt to take one of the bespoke packages that tailor it to your level of fitness. This means that you can simply follow a relaxing cycling itinerary and stop off at any town where you would like to explore.
  • Culture: Being able to cycle at your leisure around some of the most iconic areas in Europe also means that you’ll be able to experience a whole new culture. You’ll be able to indulge your taste for new foods and meet many new people along the way.

Stimulating the Mind and Body

As good as a relaxing holiday is, our minds often crave the stimulation provided by new experiences. In this way, a holiday can be so much more than simply lying around on a beach somewhere. A cycling holiday provides not only stimulation for the body but also plenty of stimulation for the mind as you engage in new cultural experiences and challenge yourself.


Even if you are not really into cycling, it is possible to enjoy a cycling holiday. Each tour can be customised to suit the holiday-makers involved. If you want to challenge yourself physically, why not book a tour through some of the most challenging terrain in France? If you simply want to enjoy a leisurely ride through beautiful countryside where you can stop of when and where you’d like, you can do that too. The great thing is that cycling holidays can be scaled to fit everyone’s needs so that they can be enjoyed!