Different Types Of Pizza Oven Accessories And Their Uses

If you own a home or restaurant then you understand the importance of having a set of accessories. If you love making pizza for your family and friends or you’re thinking of finally opening up your pizza place, then you might need the right set of tools for the job. To keep your oven in good working condition you will need a set of pizza oven accessories that will help with making your cooking more efficient. If you are having trouble in finding the best kind of tools below are some of the different types of accessories.

Accessory stones

If you want to make your Italian pizza crust which bubbles up crispy on the outside while it’s soft and chewy on the inside, this is the tool to use. The traditional pizza stone are flexible in the sense that you can cook multiple pizzas simultaneously. This can come in handy especially when you have a large number of guests or customers.

Dough cutter

This is a fine piece of accessory that makes it easy to cut, scrape and dough on your work surface. You do not have to lose a scrap of your dough anymore if you use this fine-edged dough cutter. It also has a comfortable handle that allows for an easy grip.

Professional pizza peel

In order to get your pizza on your blazing hot stone this is one of the pizza oven accessories you might need. The pizza peel has a beveled edge that enables it to slide easily under your pizza’s crust as you release it onto the pizza stove. It has small perforations that allows for any excess flour or corn meal to shake through it rather than it getting burnt on the stone. It also has long handles that keep your hands far away from feeling the heat from the stone.

Bubble poker

Sometimes in the process of making pizza, it might grow a big bubble out of the middle once its ready. Bubbles in the middle push the cheese and sauce out of the way to create blemish in the middle of your pizza. A long handles bubble poker can reach in and pop the bubbles forming before they swell. Ensure that your pizzas will not only look good but taste good.

Pizza cutting wheel

After making your tasty pizza and using the bubble poker to get rid of any bubbles, you’ll need a cutting wheel. It is used to create perfect pizza slices with its stainless steel blade pizza wheel. It also has a thumb guard which help in keeping your thumbs away from the blade while it has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to zip through your pizza when slicing.

The above mentioned pizza oven accessories are just a few selected from the wide array of options and accessory packages. If you want to master in pizza making or make your kitchen more efficient then you should highly consider what benefits you will have by getting these accessories for your oven.