Coffee Preparation: The Right Way

Coffee is not only an extremely popular drink in almost every part of the world, but it has also become a major industry that rivals almost any other commodity on the face of the earth. It is traded on stock exchanges along with orange juice, gold, and other products, simply because it is the favourite beverage for millions of people.

People have used the coffee bean for thousands of years, though roasting the seeds in the modern manner is a relatively new development. Plants were “discovered” in Ethiopia on the African continent long ago. The citizens of what is now Turkey were known to brew coffee nearly 2,000 years ago, but written histories show that individuals did not start selective roasting until the 1400s.

In the short time of 100 years, the practice of roasting and consuming coffee had spread to other locations, including Europe. In many nations, coffee became the preferred drink, replacing the tea that had been consumed for centuries. As the drink grew in popularity, people began to create new ways to prepare the beverage.

France claims rights to a device for drip coffee in early years. Later, a vacuum machine was created for the purpose in the early 1800s. Eventually, most households used the electric perk method. However, the automatic drip coffee maker now occupies a prized place in the kitchen.

What’s New?

Innovation has not stopped when it comes to new ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. Companies are now offering coffee machines that allow the user to prepare coffee manually or with the automatic process. These are the first automatic/manual espresso machines that deliver café quality to the home.

Coffee Preparation1

Features include:

  • Automatic grinding
  • Dosing
  • Tamping
  • Milk texturing

These are often the most difficult steps in the manual preparation of espresso. The heating system features a stainless steel boiler that allows triple heating. The temperature control is so finely crafted that your drink will be within 1 degree Celsius of the set temperature. Espresso and milk can be delivered simultaneously for the perfect blend.

A specially designed valve limits maximum pressure because baristas have found that pressure that is too high can impart an unnatural bitterness to the drink. Low-pressure pre-infusion helps the grains expand gradually so that extraction is accomplished evenly. It is safe to say that the newest appliances for preparation are a far cry from the ancient manual methods.

Daily Grind

Aficionados know that grinding fresh beans is the best way to prepare a great cup of coffee or a fantastic espresso. The newest grinders provide automatic doses every time you start to change the grind. You can choose a “cups” setting or a “shot” setting, depending on your preference for filter coffee or espresso.

These are not the only new items that are sure to intrigue the coffee lover. You can also choose from a number of top-shelf infusion appliances, as well as quality coffee makers with LCD display, pre-set timers, and a thermostat-controlled hot plate. The options are very exciting for coffee lovers worldwide.