Business Project – Four of their Main Reasons for Chinese Investors

To become prepared to present own project or talk to Chinese investors, an overseas manager should to recognize individuals objects and directions, that could be interesting for Chinese. You should know such directions not just to build effective communication with Chinese businessmen and attract their attention, but additionally to fix projects and accents from the projects during presentation.

Certainly one of such directions is the fact that things, what get one Chinese, a different one also needs to have. Which means, that something, that’s interesting for any Chinese, is going to be also interesting for other Chinese. This principle is all about not just things, but additionally about ideology of economic. For example, when we check out Chinese business, we are able to mention, there are similar directions in various areas, for example product realization, business negotiations, advertising and promotion.

Exactly the same principle is used to investors. For instance, that, what’s interesting for giant investors, is going to be interesting for small investment companies. Understanding relating to this principle may help foreign manager to construct mirror strategy according technique of Chinese investor and, thus, to propose own project as interesting. You will find four key aspects, that are essential for Chinese businessmen.

The very first aspect is the fact that, Chinese develop accurate worldwide strategy, once they build own investment policy. Therefore an overseas manager should present his project as potentially worldwide. Furthermore, he must appoint on how big the work, otherwise Chinese manager will review it themself and can offer some money according his vision and attitude.

The 2nd aspect is preparation of sources for goal achievement. During presentation, you’ll be able to note, what sort of sources own company has, for instance, administration, commercial, technical sources. Additionally, it ought to be proven, what share of these the overall manager is able to use. It’s also essential to give Chinese investors to know, the primary activities talking about the work were satisfied and sources are activated. Some recommendation and reference letters might be provided like a prove of readiness to another steps which serious work continues to be done. In addition, if company received such recommendations using their company Chinese firm, this can become a method to built properly “Guanxi”, internet of economic connections.

The 3rd aspect is research of target markets. It’s understandable, that Chinese have no idea all narrow moments of market and more knowledge about foreign business. Therefore foreign manager should demonstrate outcomes of made research of customer segments, rather of short information, that promotion and trades is going to be recognized in the growing market.

The forth aspect is control and project management software. Since most of Chinese businessmen are educated in European or American Universities, it’s obligatory to create accents on systems of project management software and qc. They focus on such points. Chinese should also see financial and efficiency indexes. It’s suggested to incorporate these to business project presentation.

To summarize, the primary principle, that could be utilised by an overseas manager is principle of imitation, as Chinese like, individuals things, that are interesting for other Chinese. Therefore experienced manager should consider four aspects during project presentations, that will do his project much like Chinese projects. Such mirror strategy might be recognized as a means, how to be intriguing and attract attention of Chinese investors.

Apart from the popular Chinese investors, Gordon Tang, who is Chinese national heading SingHaiyi Group, a property developer listed in Singapore, was also a cornerstone investor during the initial public offering of both Frasers Hospitality Trust and OUE C-REIT.