Assisting Your Business: Advantages of Using Overflow Call Answering Services

Are you experiencing unprecedented growth? Are you struggling to keep up with incoming call demands? Have you recently had to downsize and you’re struggling to answer the phones? Or maybe you’ve lost employees to temporary leave? Whatever the reason, hiring a call answering service to deal with overflow is highly advantageous. This article will discuss why business owners should consider using them to assist their staff during changeable periods.

What is an Overflow Answering Service?

You’d be surprised to know that many business owners have never heard of an overflow call answering service. An overflow handling service can assist your business in a number of ways, it doesn’t matter what industry you do business in, a professional telephone answering company who specialise in services such as overflow handling are invaluable. If your business operates in the UK, you’ll have no problems getting in contact with Message Direct who can offer their services if you are struggling to meet demands. Overflow call centres are designed to help numerous companies deal with incoming calls effectively, they assign trained personnel to take care of your calls. Once you sign a contract you give them permission to speak on behalf of your organisation, so they can liaise with your clients when you are unavailable.

When to Use A Telephone Answering Team

  • The receptionist is struggling to deal with a huge volume of incoming calls.
  • The business may be a start-up and it hasn’t been able to find a full-time receptionist to take care of inbound calls and messages.
  • A staff member may be covering 2 roles in the company and they are regularly being taken away from more important projects to deal with receptionist duties.
  • You may have encountered extraordinary growth and you’ve suddenly found your company inadequately staffed to deal with a high volume of calls.
  • As a sole trader, you may not have the time to keep answering calls while you are attending to your core business which is providing an uninterrupted service to your customers.
  • Sectors such as the service industry benefit greatly from overflow handling services, business owners who are constantly on the go don’t have time to answer calls, these include individuals who work as electricians, plumbers, maintenance personnel and other areas.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist / Assistant

When your company encounters peak periods, overflow call answering services can be invaluable in assisting your staff to deal with a high volume of calls. You may be running an ad campaign or sales drive that will send your incoming call volume through the roof, this is a time when you’ll need professional assistance to handle the workload. They’ll also greatly improve customer satisfaction as they won’t be met with a constant engaged tone when calling in.

Overflow centres are incredibly flexible, they can deal with all kinds of tasks and requests. They make running a business highly efficient, enabling owners to cover for staff during maternity leave, seasonal months and times when companies encounter peak operational periods. They also help to relieve in-house staff, taking some of the pressure off their shoulders.