5 Practical Tips for an Enjoyable RV Experience

Whether you’re an experienced RV traveler or a beginner, renting a RV for summer vacation can be fun. It can also help you save a lot of money on accommodations and meals because you have places to sleep and a kitchen for preparing meals in the RV. Here are five tips to make an RVing experience more enjoyable.

Do a Walk Through

When you rent an RV, do a thorough walk through of the inside and outside of the RV with the agent. Make sure all of the appliances work, check for wear and tear on the inside and on the outside of the vehicle, and note it on the rental sheet. Have the agent demonstrate how to empty and refill the water tanks so you are not guessing when you need more water or need to empty the toilet. If there are problems with the rental, don’t hesitate to ask for another vehicle.

Conserve Resources

The water tanks only hold so much fresh water, so be mindful when washing the dishes, your hands, or brushing your teeth and don’t just let the water run. Consider taking bottled water with you and placing some of the bottles in the refrigerator so it is cold enough to drink. Also, consider stopping at rest stops or use the restroom at the park instead of always using the RV’s toilet so it doesn’t cause the RV to smell and so you don’t have to empty its tank all of the time.

Bring Small Necessities

You will want to buy a box of disposable rubber gloves for dumping the grey and black water tanks for the toilet during your trip. You should also stash a roll of quarters in your toiletry bag in case the showers require quarters, because it can be difficult to break bills for change. Also, consider buying a cheap surge protector to prevent damage to onboard and personal electronics in case it storms during your trip.

Don’t Overload the RV

You should pack as lightly as possible for your trip so you don’t overload the RV. If you’re involved in an accident, the authorities may weigh the vehicle to find out if it was overloaded and if it contributed to the accident. In many cases, having an overloaded RV will void the insurance and you could end up paying several thousand dollars in damages out of pocket.

Inform Family of Plans

If you and your spouse are traveling alone, you should always let family and/or friends know of your plans in case of emergencies. Although you may carry a cell phone, it may not always work in some areas, so let them know where you plan on staying during your trip. Check in on occasion so your family or friends know you’re okay and are having a lot of fun on your trip.

These five tips are only a few things you can do to make your vacation in a RV enjoyable. It can be a fun way to travel if you’re retired or want to take a summer vacation with the family.