4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

At work, accidental risks may be very common. You may fall from a ladder and break your limbs. Lifting heavy boxes may result to back injuries among other risks.

Luckily, all employers in Seattle must have a workers compensation policy for their employees. In case of an accident, file for a compensation claim to cater for your medical bills, and lost incomes.

Unfortunately, not all insurance firms and employers offer employees benefits in accordance with relevant laws. As such, get a competent Seattle workers’ compensation lawyer to guarantee maximum possible compensation.

Here are some basic reasons why you need to hire an attorney.

  1. Evaluating the Claim

 A work injury attorney offers an initial case assessment. The lawyer will look at available evidence and facts to determine the worth of a case.

After evaluating the case, they’ll advise on the action to take. For instance, some minor injuries may not attract compensation benefits from your employer or insurer.

Knowing the cases that may not get compensation saves your time and money you’d use to seek compensation. If your case is strong, the attorney starts to gather evidence and facts to use in court.

  1. Filing a Claim

You may not know that you should file a claim for compensation in court until it’s too late. That’s why you need to hire a workers injury lawyer as soon as the injury occurs. A lawyer will successfully build your case by doing the following.

  • Ensuring your visit a doctor early enough for evaluation.
  • Communicating with your employer and insurance about your injury.
  • Gather evidence from the accident scene. Such may include speaking to eyewitnesses.
  • Respond to any questions or clarifications your employers may seek.

If you don’t take these precautions, your chances of getting compensation reduces. You may not get anything at all.

  1. Protecting Your Legal Rights

In case of an accident, it’s wise to take some time off as you wait to get your compensation. However, the insurance firm may be working to reduce the amount of compensation you get.

A competent attorney works to ensure you’re not exploited. But how does this happen? Well, after an injury, most employees are desperate for compensation. Knowing this, the insurer offers a lowball settlement for your qualifying claim.

An attorney will work to ensure you get all the benefits stipulated by law. All this is dependent on the extent of your injuries and your earnings. For instance, you’re required to get a specific portion of your earnings until you start working.

These payments ensure you’re able to pay your bills as you recuperate.

  1. Screening for Third Party Liability

The law requires employers to purchase a workers compensation policy for their workers. In case of an injury, the only actionable claim against the employer is to seek compensation from the insurer. You can’t take any other action against the employer.

However, there’s an exception to this law. If your injury results from negligent actions of a third party, you can sue them and get compensation for pain and suffering.