10 Reasons to Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in India

Becoming a Yoga Teacher and a serious practitioner of the art demands a subtle combination of various elements that put together lead the aspiring one to their destination, by way of an ideal evolution. This ‘Evolution’ process that commences from an ordinary being into a devoted perfectionist of the art who can be recognized as a great yogi and an ideal yoga teacher involves a series of dimensions that define the process in its holistic sense. A Yoga Teacher Training India is the source of it. India is where it all began, was nurtured, and further spread. This is the country that welcomes each aspiring yogi into her lap as a child only to nourish them and create a complete being who is blessed with yogic and spiritual enlightenment. Here is why there is nothing like a Yoga Teacher Training in India and why it should be at the top of your list of selected YTTC destinations:

  • Learning from the Source

If you crave for a non-meddled experience where there is nothing between you and the most sacred sources of Yogic origin, then traveling to India is the obvious route. The country is the epicenter of Yoga and Spirituality, the very land on which Yoga was brought into existence. This is the place from where enthusiasts and learners from around the globe have been traveling to for centuries to gain an un-stirred learning of the science in order to take back home the purest experiences.

  • For Authentic Yogic Way of Life

The teaching of Yoga Philosophy narrates the true rules and ethics that a Yogi must abide by. The way yogis dwelled eras ago is still prevalent in the country and most yoga schools delegate traces of such real yogic experiences for a proper understanding and adaptation of the yogic lifestyle. You can be a Yogi only when you live and feel like a Yogi. You can be a great yoga teacher only after observing and connecting with the masters of the art – something that this country offers during YTTC.

  • Living Under the Esteemed Guidance of Yoga Gurus

Meet the greatest Yoga Teachers and Gurus who devoted their lives to Yoga and walked in search of enlightenment for years while dwelling in the Himalayas or by the rivers. During a Yoga Training India, you get the opportunity to study under the esteemed guidance of yoga masters who are the prodigies of the greatest yoga gurus.

  • A Wide Range of Terrain and Weather within One Nation

Not just the fact this country is the birth land of Yoga, there is yet another remarkable trait of the country that is just too soulful to ignore. And, that is the diversity of its topography and weather. This is the country where you can Yoga in the Himalayas and by the beach as well. From the greatest deserts to the soothing backwaters to the mighty Himalayas, the country has everything a yogi’s soul craves for.

  • Experience the Simply-Amazing Cuisine of Yogic Composition

The land of spices and cultural diversity introduces you to a multiple varieties of cuisine options that are way too distinct, healthy, and taste-satiating. Attend Yogic cooking classes during Yoga Retreat in India or at YTTC to master the art of yogic cooking for sustaining a healthy life for an entirety.

  • Learn and Apply the Principles of Ayurveda

Home to Yoga as it is, India is also the motherland of Ayurveda – the greatest natural medicinal system that dates back to 5000 years is still a highly-practiced alternate form of healing system (also followed as mainstream in certain regions of the country to preserve traditional authenticity).

  • Complete Immersion of the Body, Mind, and Soul

This is where you undergo a complete no-nonsense immersion of the inner and outer being wherein the mind, body, and soul travel together towards unification and eventual Self-Realization.

  • For Affordable yet Authentic Yoga TTC

India is an affordable and very friendly nation where you can find good food, authentic Yoga TTC, and a fabulous stay in the lap of nature at affordable prices. This is where you get quality at its best.

  • Connect and live collectively with Like-Minded People from across the Globe

As I mentioned earlier, India is one nation that witnesses and welcomes yoga enthusiasts from across the globe at the highest rate. This is where you can meet people of similar interests with whom you can share your life’s experiences, build a brand-new connection from various corners of the world.

  • To Evolve into a Complete Yogi Along with Gaining Global Validation

Not just authentic yoga experiences that are sacred and traditional, a Yoga TTC in India from a certified school ensure that you receive an education that is also valid to be preached across the world. You get the chance to become an authentic master of the art along with the freedom to impart the science across the globe.

Begin your journey of yoga with a Yoga Retreat in India and directly with a Yoga TTC. Whichever path you choose to go with, the experiences are going to be unparalleled and immortal in your body, heart, and soul.